Suryodayam Foundations
Vasanthy Venugopal
The Founder & Managing Trustee
Non-political Charitable Trust / Regd No. 668/12
All Employees of the Trust shall be either from an orphanage home (or) people who are physically challenged.

Declation by Saima

Vasanthy Venugal, The Founder & managing Trustee

As Founder & Managing Trustee of SURYODAYAM FOUNDATIONS non-political, Charitable Trust, I wish to specifically state none of my relatives or family members have rights to any claim on any moveable or immoveable assets or funds of this Trust. Trust will carry on its' functions and activities efficiently & honourably as during my lifetime under a Manager Trustee nominated by me. Nominee's name will remain confidential in my will with my Lawyer. I wish to own no move-able or immovable properties or any assets, Vehicles etc; in my individual Name henceforth.

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About theTrust

Formation of Suryodayam Foundations - The Background

My husband Mr P S Venugopal's (Ex Calcutta Port Trust, Haldia Dock Complex) demise after 50 years of my married life has created a traumatic void. The loneliness resulted because of his absence has induced me to start these Trusts.

Hence my husband was not an inspiration but his absence is my incentive. I do not claim myself a widow as I believe that my husband is living with me through my activities to the trust. I therefore give all credits for starting these Trusts to my husband.


The Mission

After 46 years of selfless Social Service (Including 14 Yrs. With Mother Theresa at NIRMAL HRIDAY), to establish my lasting service to ensure Education, welfare, creating Moral discipline & code of conduct, Hygiene awareness by adopting & rebuilding Villages.

As ultimate service to my country, I donate my mortal remains to Science. I insist on there should be no family mourning, no funeral rites and no expenditure from my Trust and Staff either. I aspire to take with me only goodwill and blessings from all for my good deeds and ultimate contribution JAI HIND.


Objectives of Suryodayam Foundations

1.To provide proper care for the old and infirm people, orphans, disabled widows and abandoned and the destitute, Physically challenged, leprosy, Cancer and HIV/AIDS affected people, through various measures. We are already in close contact with Rehabilitation & de-addiction centers to cure afflicted and establish normal healthy life..

2. To initiate and provide low-cost and durable housing facilities for land less and homeless and needy by adopting backward villages & slums.

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